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Gotta love these cute boutiques! Have a nice day :)

Gotta love these cute boutiques! Have a nice day :)

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Gotta love these cute boutiques! Have a nice day :)

Gotta love these cute boutiques! Have a nice day :)

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So…It’s been awhile…. I am so sorry guys, allow me to explain. After impulsively going off to random destinations with the little money and also getting my life together since I also graduated in June. Life has been somewhat of a roller coaster. But I’m here now! Yay….. 

Ok now lets get this started. 

One of my “impulsive” trips that I went on with all the tip money I had from working at a little cafe for 3 months (I thoroughly don’t recommend doing this on short notice.) Was the Big Apple. That’s right! The bold, the beautiful, New York City! It was marvelous. I went with my lovely friend Julia, and we embarked on this grand adventure, exploring all the touristy areas this concrete jungle had to offer. But before I start writing a novel about my trip allow me to direct you to the reason of this post. After our bus and walking tours, Julia and I came across this lovely little street right in downtown Manhattan. It carried so many, and i mean so many outlets and stores galore. This one in particular that she had to show me was this cute little clothing store called Brandy Melville. Might I just say that this store is adorable and oh so trendy. It literally took every once of my being to not purchase almost every item of clothing that I saw in there. The materials were so soft and comfortable. My first thought when I saw the clothes was Boho chic and elegant. Very casual but cute. I of course had to cave and bought a few things but I believe it is 100% worth it. The prices there are reasonable, and the material is superb. I’ve never come across one of these stores anywhere in Canada and I absolutely love it. If you ever go to America or Europe and happen to come across one, I highly recommend going in and just buy one thing. Just one t shirt and I swear you wont regret it. Oh! Did I mention that they also give out free stickers? Like really nice stickers too. I took way too many.. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and forgive me for not getting back right away! So sorry. Have a lovely day guys!  

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when i hear there will be food


when i hear there will be drinks


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The new fragrance collection at the Disney Store x

You forgot one

It got better.

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the last one killed me 

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